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Changeworks Press publishes a quarterly guide & monthly newsletter to help people secure new jobs and advance careers working for progressive social change. These periodicals also help job coaches, career counselors, and campus career centers provide better services to job seekers.

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What does Changeworks Press do?

Changeworks Press recruits more people to work for radical and progressive change, helping them to develop rewarding careers working on the Left, and to acquire the skills & knowledge needed to change the present system.

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Changeworks Press

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Do you want to make a difference in the world — by working for the environment, social justice, democracy, feminism, civil rights, civil liberties, and other progressive values and goals?

If so, then Changeworks Press is for you.

Changeworks Press recognizes that if there was ever a time for people to work for progressive change, now is that time.

There are worthwhile jobs and career opportunities in every state which enable people to work for progressive change successfully and sustainably.

In short, you can make a difference and make a living. Changeworks Press helps people do exactly this.

Our two subscription periodicals — a  quarterly guide to job resources & a monthly newsletter — provide people with the information and tips needed to get good jobs and advance careers working for progressive social change.

To learn more, visit the website section, For Job Seekers, and subscribe. All subscribers receive both publications.

Also, if you are interested in analyses and resources to improve the effectiveness of the organized Left in the U.S., visit the website section, For The Left.

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