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This is the new website for the new Changeworks Press. But the site is incomplete, with old pages, missing pages, etc. Thus, search engines are temporarily blocked from indexing the site. But new content and improvements are added daily, and Changeworks Press will be up & running — with a complete website and subscription newsletters — by the end of June. So please return soon!

Changeworks Press recognizes that if there’s ever a time for people to work for radical & progressive change, now is the time.

To help people in the United States make a difference — and make a good living doing so — Changeworks Press publishes a twice-monthly newsletter, The Changeworks Intelligence Report. Whether you are currently working for progressive or radical change, or you want to start working for change, The Changeworks Intelligence Report allows you to keep abreast of relevant opportunities, options, news, and trends.

To promote effective activism across the Left, Changeworks Press publishes the free web zine, For The Left. Regular features include:

  • Best Praxis – practical tips for organizers, advocates, and protesters.
  • Dispatches – analyses of the challenges and opportunities facing activists for democracy, equality, liberty, and peace.
  • Misc Media – media links and excerpts: sometimes amusing; always revealing or insightful.

All FTL features are updated monthly except for Misc Media, which is updated weekly.

Page last modified: 21 June 2017

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